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Here are some common questions your fellow fleet operators are asking along with Toyota's answers.

  1. Q: How do I qualify as a Toyota Fleet customer?

    A: We define a fleet customer having 10 or more units in operation in order to qualify for a Toyota Fleet I.D. Number; they don't even need to be Toyota's.

  2. Q: If I have more than 10 vehicles, how do I get a fleet ID?

    A: Just visit fleet.toyota.com via the internet, look up "How to apply for a Fleet ID?" under the resources tab, and complete the 3-step process described in the website.

  3. Q: How do I order fleet vehicles?

    A: Jeffrey Jones can custom-order fleet category vehicles if you have 10 or more vehicles in service and have a Toyota Fleet ID number. See Jeffrey for current Fleet incentives and product availability.

  4. Q: What type of work truck equipment do you provide to satisfy my business needs?

    A: We have national working relationships with Weather Guard, Adrian Steel, Tommy Gate and A.R.E. Our commercial fleet dealers may have additional fleet equipment relationships that can provide for all your vehicle upfit requirements.

  5. Q: If I am a business customer, but do not have 10 or more vehicles, what support is available?

    A: Business retail customers with less than 10 units in operation qualify for prevailing retail incentives. Consult Jeffrey Jones at Sport City Toyota for details.

  6. Q: If my fleet is under 10 units, how do I order vehicles to meet my business needs?

    A: Contact Jeffrey Jones at Sport City Toyota.  Vehicles can be purchased directly from the Sport City inventory to meet your business needs.

  7. Q: How do I order vehicles that require distant delivery?

    A: If you have a fleet of 10 or more vehicles and a Toyota Fleet ID Number, We can order vehicles that can be drop-shipped to Toyota Executive Delivery (TED) dealers throughout the continental United States.

  8. Q: Whom should I contact to arrange Toyota Financial Services Commercial Fleet financing?

    A: Contact Jeffrey Jones for more information on commercial fleet financing.

  9. Q: What kinds of commercial Fleet financing programs are available?

    A: Toyota Financial Services offers a variety of retail finance, open- and closed-end leases and balloon financing. Contact Jeffrey Jones for details.

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