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You want to find a vehicle that will fit your family and help everyone to be comfortable. The Toyota Sienna from Sport City Toyota is a popular minivan choice and it will help your family get around in Dallas, TX and beyond.


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The Toyota Sienna is set up with a Dual-View Blu-Ray Disc Entertainment Center. This will help your children stay occupied and satisfied on long road trips. The Toyota Sienna is also set up with a power liftgate. If you come to your vehicle with your arms full of groceries, you can open its back with just the key fob. The Toyota Sienna could be the perfect minivan for your family.

Come to our Toyota showroom in Dallas and we will help you see the many features that this vehicle offers. We will allow you to take the Toyota Sienna out for a tests drive so that you can see if it is the right pick for your family.

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