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We rely on cars every day to take us to and from work, school, shopping, and many other places, so it is important to make sure you properly maintain your vehicle. One of the most important and easiest things you can do to maintain your vehicle is to keep track of the fluid levels and have them changed at the appropriate times. Here is a list of essential fluids and how they keep your vehicle running:

  • Oil: One of the most important fluids in your vehicle is the motor oil. Oil lubricates, cleans, cools, and protects your engine. Check your oil level every few months and have it changed between 3,500 and 7,000 miles based on your driving habits and distance driven per day.
  • Coolant: This fluid protects your car from overheating in hot weather and freezing in cold weather. Check your coolant level once every six months or so and refill as needed. It’s a good idea to have the whole system flushed once every three years or so to prevent dirt build up.
  • Brake Fluid: Brake fluid should be checked periodically and replaced every 2 years or as needed.
Here Sport City Toyota, we want all drivers to be safe and we want their vehicles to last far into the future. We welcome you to schedule a service appointment online and come see us at your earliest convenience to have your vehicle’s fluids replaced today!


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